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China Dolls

China Dolls 1992

特區愛奴Runtime: 91 Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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China Dolls (1992)

Tong catches Chiu attempting to rape his wife May (Amy Yip). They scuffle and Tong shoots Chiu dead with Chiu’s gun. They flee but Tong is killed in a shootout with police. May begs an officer to take her child, since if he is repatriated he’ll have a horrible life. So, the infant son ends up in Hong Kong separated from his mother. Six years pass and May is a hotel maid then gets forced into prostitution. She longs to see her son, who is now a young boy, maybe to fully reunite with him. The problem with this film is it becomes so sleazy. There is nudity (not Ms. Yip), violence and forcible rape.

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Original title 特區愛奴
IMDb Rating 4.6 96 votes
TMDb Rating 4 2 votes