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The Garden of Clocks

The Garden of Clocks 2019

Runtime: 24 mins Min.Warning: Full Frontal Nudity | Sex
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The Garden of Clocks (2019)

Vincent (23 years old) is a student who, together with his girlfriend, Sofía (25 years old), visits an art gallery to enjoy the morning. At the exhibition, she meets a friend, Marcos, so she is quite happy and Vincent cannot help but feel jealous of what he sees. After spending the rest of the day in the mountains, his distrust grows and he accuses Sofía of being unfaithful to him. For this reason, she gets angry and leaves him.

Frustrated by the incidents that occurred, Vincent gets in touch with Duriel – a product of his imagination – who offers him a transfer process in which his memories with Sofia will be erased. That same night, Vincent wakes up in the middle of a strange snowstorm; Finally, he proceeds to call Duriel and accepts the offer that he will later regret terribly.

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